Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Routes, roots and routing 'dead man's shoes'

My journey into librarianship seems, to me, pretty unremarkable; I've previously blogged about it under the title 'A Happy Accident', which should give some clue towards the level of pre-determination which was evident in my first steps on this career path. I'll link this previous post to the Library Routes wiki [done!!] which pretty much covers this Thing; hooray!

Rooting around like a library-related piggy
I took part in round 7 of the 'library day in the life', which I think is really useful as it gives a snapshot of what librarians across the world are doing on a particular day, which leads to a stronger 'warts and all' sense of the job than edited highlights about the profession as a career path. My entry is here and is worth reading only if you have spontaneously lost every sense except sight and can no longer do anything except click on dull hyperlinks (unfortunately, it fell in the middle of summer and there was very little going on...).

These prior posts cover my path so far and my current situation respectively; but what of the future? I've made no particular secret of my seeking a professional post, but this is tough going - there's not that many jobs out there (though there have been more of late) and there's a new cohort of qualified applicants just out of library school, all full of vigour and bleeding-edge library-world knowledge. I've have a few interviews, with varying results - I've got a feeling this will form the greater part of the next Thing, however, so let's save up some self-loathing for then!

My shortest cpd23 post ever? Possibly, but that November 30th deadline is closer than I think!

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