Wednesday, 16 November 2011

23 and out!

My 6-word story of the CPD experience: 'I came, I thought, I blogged'. I've generally enjoyed working through the programme, I've not given as many glib answers as I'd expected and think I got a fair amount of value out of the experience. I'm not sure it really represents an advance in my immersion within the LIS community (though I am trying to improve at this: come meet me at the Ginformation Professional event!), and I don't think my opinions of any of the topics/areas covered have fundamentally changed. I've reflected at reasonable length on the course recently, so won't repeat myself here.

I've updated my PPDP to reflect some of the weaknesses uncovered by CPD23, and feel I'm working forwards at a decent pace towards filling identified gaps in my experiences. As this was an update, rather than a new document, I can't accurately reflect on the process of compiling the document; I'll admit that evaluation of personal strengths and weaknesses does not come easily to me, but I got it done (which I sometimes don't!). 

And so, just over 15,000 words later, that's CPD23 done! Time to start thinking of my own blog topics!

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