Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Blogs, blogging and reflection on coming reflection

So... why do #cpd23? Well, why not?! It's an ideal opportunity to learn a few new skills, brush up on some others, and become better at reflecting on my practice. It should provide evidence of continued personal growth for rigid mechanisms such as the Chartership process; and it will probably, at least sometimes, be entertaining! 

Of course, it does require fairly consistent blogging, which I've pretty much failed at in the past. Indeed, in order to properly engage, I need to try and stay fairly current with the Things; looking back over the past month or so, I've never quite caught up to reality, always a day or two behind on email (and considerably more with RSS feeds), rendering what I find exciting news to be old hat to those around me. Maybe the structure of the program will force me to catch up a bit and make a concerted effort to remain abreast of developments.

Another element of #cpd23 which appealed to me was the burgeoning sense of community which already surrounds the project. I'm a relatively-neophyte tweeter (who really hasn't got the whole concision of language thing down yet), and this offers a valuable opportunity to be part of something larger than myself and the local half-acre of intellectual real-estate. Of course, in reality this may translate into even more people coming to know me as a crashing bore, but you can't hide who you are forever... :)

So, what are my aims? To be better (never was good at setting SMART targets)! To engage to show professional development; to be part of (and contribute towards) something larger; to refresh my ability to write long spiels of random thoughts and make it seem like there was some underlying plan (I'm award-winning in that last area, believe it or not...). One further personal aim: to write a few more straightforward sentences, without using colons and hyphens for awkward pauses or ending a thought on ellipses - that one may take some work...

Right, onwards and outwards, to explore a selection of the other blogs who're engaged in this enterprise! Please leave comments; I welcome abuse as well as faint praise, and deserve nothing more. [/selfdeprication]

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