Thursday, 18 November 2010

The first step is admitting you have a problem...

Right then, blogging...

The aims for this blog, currently:

  • To aid in my thinking about the librarianship sector in a more holistic manner, in preparation for beginning chartership at some point in the (near) future
  • To expound on things which bug me about representation of the LIS sector, both from the media and in terms of our own self-image and construction of our collective futures
  • To host my own exploration of the '23 things' included in the popular web 2.0 program
  • To doodle on about other (non-library) issues, if and when the mood takes me.
The choice to make at this point is whether to anonymise my writing here or not... I read an interesting discussion of this issue somewhere (indeed, a function of this blog will be to link to these interesting things...), which suggested it boiled down to how controversial you planned to be, and whether the statements you are making were ones you would happily sign your name to. Further, if one changes one's mind and 'comes out' later, there may be an awful lot of controversial opinions which are suddenly out there in your name. With this in mind:

My name is Tom, and I'm a librarian

More ramblings when I've adjusted the style to one I like based on this post. Which, as I am shouting into the void currently, no-one is likely to care about

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