Thursday, 13 October 2011

Failing at blogging

Has it really been a month since I posted a blog? It's been a busy month, but not that bad... Somehow I've got out of the habit of doing CPD23 blogs (I recognise that non-CPD23 blogs have always been a rarity), and now have I vague feeling of dread when I think 'I've got five minutes, I should work on a post'.

I have started a new (non-library) blog (here, since you asked!) which has got me partially back into the habit of making notes for potential posts. I've also got 4-5 CPD23 posts drafted out, and (a lot) of notes from Library Camp to filter into coherent posts. The fundamental problem is that I don't have the internet at home, save via my phone, and so have fallen behind on reading other blogs and my news feed; everything I come to which seems new and exciting is getting on for old news. But... this is the turning point: I've got a lot of half-written posts, several events to blog about and need to pick up my blogging game to meet with my MCLIP targets - that's as close to motivated as I get!

Can I finish CPD23 by the end of the month? That's certainly my intention, although it may mean that some of the reflective elements come across as a little pat ('but when don't they?', pipes up the critical little voice in my head - I hate some of the people who hang out on my brain verandah; why can't they all be like Newt Gingrich? (This needs more explaining than I can be bothered to do right now. I assume I'm only talking to myself at this point anyway...)). Of course, based on my previous record, this will probably be my last post for weeks!

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